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JWF launches Oxygen Flow Dashboard for NHS hospitals.
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Instrumentation Products

We work with you to find the safest, most efficient solutions for your instrumentation needs.

Engineering Services

We’re a highly committed team and we always strive to find the best, most innovative ways to solve your application and measurement issues.

Our Case Studies

Check out our range of customer solutions covering instrumentation, flow measurement and metering projects.

Featured Smart Product

Steam Flow Survey

JWF provide steam flow surveys using the world's only portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter for steam measurement from Flexim.

The FLUXUS G601 ST flow meter measures steam flow non-invasively from the outside of the pipe.

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Featured Smart Product

ABB Pressure Transmitters

ABB's new range of digital pressure transmitters available in both Gauge and Absolute sensor variants and offers five different measurement ranges, covering applications from 40 mbar up to 100 bar.

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Featured Smart Product

WIKA Digital Pressure Gauge

JWF offer WIKA Model CPG1500 precision digital pressure gauge which provides wireless communication.

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We are a global brand with experience in all sectors.

What makes us unique is our relationships with factories across the globe. This allows us to select the best solution to meet customer expectations such as technical specifications, quality, material, delivery timescales and cost.

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