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Logo for JOSCAR


JWF has satisfied all the requirement to become fully registered on the JOSCAR supplier accrediation register, as set out by ADS and paticipating buying organisations. View certificate.

Logo for ISO 45001: 2018

ISO 45001: 2018

JWF achieved ISO 45001 accreditation in June 2019. JWF's ISO 45001 Certificate.

Logo for ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 14001: 2015

JWF achieved ISO 14001 accreditation in June 2019. JWF's ISO 14001 Certificate.

Logo for ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001: 2015

JWF have held ISO 9001 accreditation since July 1994, we have used the standard to continually improve our systems, processes and ensure we exceed our customers expectations. JWF's ISO 9001 Certificate.

Logo for Achilles


JWF have been a member of Achilles since 1996 when we achieved basic registration, in 2009 we achieved advanced registration which assessed us against 11 business principles and published results on an advanced registration capability profile. We were nominated in 2013 for FPAL Verify which further demonstrates our commitment to continually raising our standards. Achilles requires an audit by member buyers/suppliers with a documented Improvement Plan published. JWF's Global Energy Certificate.

Logo for Safe Contractor

Safe Contractor

JWF have been an accredited Safe Contractor member since November 2010 due to major projects within the food and beverage sector. By being an accredited member, it ensures that our health and safety processes have been assessed to ensure commitment to industry best practice. JWF's SafeContractor Certificate of Accreditation.

Logo for Supply Chain Code of Practice

Supply Chain Code of Practice

JWF have been a supporter and signatory of the Supply Chain Code of Practice for over 8 years. As a signatory JWF commits to the highest standards in business ethics, health, safety and environment operations along with meeting all local and national legislative requirements.

Logo for NOF Energy Member

NOF Energy Member

JWF have been a member of NOF Energy since 2009. Our membership with NOF allows us to access expert support, knowledge, attend events and collaborate with like minded companies.

Logo for NEPIC Member

NEPIC Member

JWF are a member of NEPIC in the North East of England. Our membership with NEPIC allows us to attend events and access an extensive network connecting to a wide and diverse process industry. JWF's NEPIC Certificate.

Logo for Scottish Business Pledge

Scottish Business Pledge

JWF have recently made the Scottish Business Pledge which recognises fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation. Click here to view the Scottish Business Pledge website.

Logo for Safety Pass Alliance - Food & Drink

Safety Pass Alliance - Food & Drink

JWF engineers hold SPA Food and Drink Passports in order to work on food and drink manufacturing sites. This is important as JWF hold a number of contracts with leading food and drink manufacturers.