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The 'brains' behind JWF!

We have been told on numerous occasions that we are an "approachable, dynamic and canny" bunch who pride ourselves on our passionate delivery. Check us out below...


  • Photo of Danos Sagias
    Danos Sagias
    Supply Chain Manager
  • Photo of Jayne McGuinness
    Jayne McGuinness
    Senior Engineer
  • Photo of Stephanie Reoch
    Stephanie Reoch
    Customer Services Representative
  • Photo of James Muir
    James Muir
    Product Manager - WIKA
  • Photo of Karianne Langeland
    Karianne Langeland
    Senior Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Photo of Martin Kerlin
    Martin Kerlin
    Oil & Gas
  • Photo of Nicole Gabriel
    Nicole Gabriel
    Graduate Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Photo of Jonathan Stuart
    Jonathan Stuart
    Graduate Engineer
  • Photo of Craig Whyte
    Craig Whyte
    Engineering Manager
  • Photo of Kenneth Fairbairn
    Kenneth Fairbairn
    Chief Executive
  • Photo of Angela Maguire
    Angela Maguire
    Customer Services Team Leader
  • Photo of Mark Combe
    Mark Combe
  • Photo of Senem Kurt
    Senem Kurt
    Senior Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Photo of Craig McLaren
    Craig McLaren
    Sales Manager
  • Photo of Ralph Wassell
    Ralph Wassell
    Engineering Team Manager
  • Photo of Graham Will
    Graham Will
    QA Coordinator
  • Photo of Robert Allan
    Robert Allan
    Managing Director
  • Photo of Jaime Capilla
    Jaime Capilla
    Area Sales Manager - North of England
  • Photo of Brian Gourlay
    Brian Gourlay
    Warehouse Controller
  • Photo of David Gemmell
    David Gemmell
    Finance Director
  • Photo of Siobhan Dalby
    Siobhan Dalby
    Business Coordinator