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From innovative engineering solutions for LPG ships to delivering multiple instrument contracts to carrying out site surveys at a hydro plant, JWF delivers innovative measurement solutions to a diverse range of industries.

  • With seven instrumentation contracts with major end users, JWF are supplier of choice for upstream, midstream and downstream industries. We are trusted partners who offer expertise and knowledge to make a difference.

  • JWF play a vital role in the energy market with products supporting more efficient and cleaner processes. Our products are installed in the nuclear industry, coal-fired power stations, hydro schemes, biomass plants, anaerobic digesters, thermal energy plants and RHI schemes.

  • JWF hold a number of contracts with leading food & beverage manufacturers and have a proven track record providing outstanding sales and technical support. Our knowledge of the market makes us a great company to partner with.

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    OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a broad term which has evolved over time (especially at JWF). JWF support this industry with a range of products including Pressure Gauges, Pressure Tx , VA meters and Video graphic recorders.

  • JWF understands that the production of pharmaceuticals can be subject to strict controls. Suppliers are required to provide documented evidence that the equipment supplied are capable of meeting regulatory directives. JWF can provide equipment to comply with 21 CFR part 11.

  • JWF’s innovative product portfolio suits all applications; from solvents to polymers, infrastructure to feedstock, acid and caustic productions. We understand and supply instruments to meet aggressive media, potential high pressures as well as improving efficiency.

  • The paper industry has become a very competitive market with the need to keep costs down and production high a must for any manufacturer. Our carefully selected products help the industry to mitigate unnecessary shutdowns while improving process efficiencies.

  • JWF has a world class portfolio of products for a huge range of industrial needs. Our solutions improve energy efficiencies, leak detection, temperature measurement; please speak to one of our engineers about your specific application and industry.

  • JWF have supplied products into a number of applications within the transport sector including H2S rail, Glasgow underground and various Car manufacturers. Applications have included Compressed Air measurement, Utility upgrades and Energy monitoring.