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JWF have a strong track record in delivering innovative products, solutions and services to the chemical industry.  This sector places very high demands on productivity, quality and profitability as well as instrumentation. JWF offer a broad product portfolio and services to suit.  From measuring highly toxic, noxious and unstable chemicals, safety is at the core of our advice and solution.  JWF offer solutions for measuring flow, pressure, temperature, level, analytical through to flame scanners and ignitors for specialist high temperature furnaces. Our team of experienced engineers offer tailored solutions and technical support for one off instruments to full packaged solutions.  Our focus is to maximise your plants efficiency, reducing cost and risk in projects.

JWF also have experience in providing flow measurement services to the chemical industry including carrying out flow surveys and flow verification projects.  Our trained service engineers are able to provide full diagnostics on all flow surveys and verification projects.

We have a strong track record in providing Flow Surveys to carry out flow verification and provide flow diagnostics.

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JWF supply Flexim's ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters used to measure liquids and gases.

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JWF supply a wide range of level instrumentation, level gauges and level transmitters.

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