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Food & Beverage

We have a proven track record providing flow meters, pressure, temperature and level instrumentation to all types of food and beverage production companies.

JWF have over 10 years' experience providing instrumentation and measurement solutions to the food and beverage industry as well as holding a number of contracts with leading industry manufacturers.

We provide a wide range of instrumentation solutions which can improve efficiency throughout production processes and meeting standards and regulations in the Food and Beverage industry. A full range of hygienic products are available that are resilient enough during CIP/SIP cleaning.

One major area of expertise is in monitoring the use of steam and compressed air monitoring, which can result in significant cost and energy savings. Our ABB Swirl Flow Meters are Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant and provide distillers with a highly accurate solution for steam measurement. JWF have helped major distillers and food producers adhere to the regulation guidelines set out by Ofgem for RHI projects by offering ABB SwirlMasters.

JWF have built up strong partnerships with a number of whisky distilleries across Scotland and Ireland. This has led to the launch of our Tank Calibration Service which can help distilleries and breweries measure and verify and calibrate tank volumes on site. The mobile flow rig has been developed with a special focus on the drinks industry in order to calibrate tanks and obtain the most accurate measurements of quantities. As part of this service we are able to provide tank strapping tables along with level radar set up as part of the calibration process.

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Renewable Heat Incentive steam flow measurement at distillery


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JWF's Tank Calibration service can help distilleries and breweries measure and verify quantities/volumes of tanks on-site.

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We have a strong track record in providing Flow Surveys to carry out flow verification and provide flow diagnostics.

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Our ABB Swirl flow meters are Renewable Heat Incentive compliant, making it the technology of choice for steam applications.

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