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ABB Ability solution for global food & beverage manufacturer

Customer Issue

JWF were asked by a global food and beverage manufacturer to provide a solution for calibration of a 6” ABB swirl flow meter used on Steam duty.

The customer asked JWF if there was a way of calibrating in-situ as flow meter was situated at the top of the boiler house.

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JWF presented an altenative solution that they adopt a different philosophy for the site, rather than calibrating instruments on a yearly basis, they could look at using a flow meter verification process. This would mean potentially extending calibration periods but maintaining peak performance, maximising productivity while meeting regulatory requirements.

The verification of the flow meter took 15 minutes with no shutdown required. This was done using the ABB Ability verification software. The meter will not communicate with any systems during verification. While on-site we also managed to look at several installation improvements to help the flow meter continue to perform to maximum capability. 

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The customer appreciated the feedback and implemented the improvements. This helped the client save costs on several fronts:

  • No shutdown needed
  • Steam continued to feed plant during process
  • Risk adverse (management of meter getting sent away to 3rd party)
  • No lifting gear to remove flow meter
  • Now looking at each process and reviewing a risk based approach
  • Feedback extended life of instrument
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