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Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter Hire at Waste Water Treatment Works

Customer Issue

Our customer needed help sizing new pumps at Lintrathen waste water treatment works.

Our customer had no way of measuring the current flow rates and the demand going through the waste water treatment plant. They needed to replace the pumps but had trouble specifying pump size due to lack of information. 


The customer hired and installed one of our FLEXIM portable ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters for 1 week. 

We have a fleet of FLEXIM portable ultrasonic non-invasive flow meters available for hire measuring liquid, gas, energy or steam. 



This 1 week rental solution allowed the customer to measure flow rates and identify demand saving the customer purchasing a flow meter and no shutdown required.

The measurement data helped the customer make an informed decision on the new pump sizes for the waste water treatment plant.