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Flow Survey at block of flats

Customer Issue

JWF were contacted with an urgent enquiry from a Glasgow property management company to locate a leak in a block of flats covering 32 tenement flats. 

Its not everyday JWF get contacted from property companies to identify leaks but were able to use application knowledge to provide a methodology. 



JWF engineers mobilised to the location with ‘taggart’ the flexim ultrasonic clamp on flow meter, in order to carry out a flow survey on all flats to identify any leak paths. 

JWF’s methodology was to isolate each flat and carry out flow measurement surveys to identify any flow, thus pointing to leakage. 



JWF engineers were able to identify two leakage points in two separate flats in the block of 32 to the delight of the property management company and owners. 

This allowed contractors to save a lot of time and carry out further investigation into root cause.