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Gas Lift Offshore Flow Survey

Customer Issue

Oil & Gas customer required an 8 day flow survey on their offshore platform. The project involved measurement and flow verification on gas lift lines.

(Picture to the right: Offshore gas lift system.)





Our Solution

JWF’s Service Engineer identified 19 different gas lift lines on the platform with 16 operational at time of visit.

A Flexim G608 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter was used throughout the flow survey to measure flow rates within the gas lift system and provide verification of existing orifice plates.

Each measurement was conducted for 1 to 3 hours including diagnostic checks. Natural Gas composition was corrected on DCS to ensure accuracy.

Results from the Flexim flow meter were compared against the installed orifice meters with measurement variances greater than 10% highlighted for investigation.

(Picture to the left: Flexim portable ultrasonic flow meter being used to conduct flow survey on gas lift lines.)


Our flow survey identified 4 gas lift lines showing major errors between existing orifice and flow survey results.

The JWF Service Engineer provided a report with recommendations and solutions to ensure greater accuracy and stability of measurement moving forward.

(Picture to the right: Measuring points on gas lift system.)