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Gauge Calibration Contracts


Most Oil & Gas end-users use a 3rd party service provider to calibrate all critical gauges on a yearly basis. This will be conducted offshore in a container/workshop which has been sent to the rig for this purpose. This relies on rig personnel removing gauges for an unspecified time, and re-fitting them only as and when they become available. 


JWF offer gauge calibration contract services allowing us to work closely with our Oil & Gas customers to deliver exactly the type of calibration schedule that is required. 

Our calibration facility in Glasgow is equipped with precision pressure balances, dead weight testers and digital calibrators allowing us to provide calibrations up to 1,200 bar.



  • Reduction in personnel, workload and time.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Eliminate the need to send 3rd party technicians offshore.
  • Eliminate need to send workshop offshore.
  • Reduced workload during SIMOPS.