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Water Injection Offshore Flow Survey

Customer Issue

JWF were asked to carry out a flow survey campaign across one of the highest producing assets in the North Sea. The purpose of the flow survey was to:

  1. Check and verify a number of ‘suspect’ water injection meters
  2. Verify a number of inline flow meters against the Flexim clamp-on portable flow meter accuracy statement
  3. Provide accurate flow readings where no flow meters were installed to allow improved balance across various processes
  4. Prove the Flexim clamp-on flow meter technology worked on duplex materials and pipe sizes below 2”


JWF conducted the flow survey using a Flexim Portable G608 flow meter (available for hire), with datalogger capabilities.

JWF produced reports on each process to allow the operators to compare and analyse trends on the DCS.  

The operator was able to determine that Flexim clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter met and exceeded their expectations from an application and accuracy perspective.  


The JWF flow survey report helped identify a number of anomalies with the mass balance calculations, allowing the operators to save costs immediately along with contributing to the customers report on environmental impact.

The operator has now moved to purchase a Flexim F801 flow meter as a replacement for an existing 8” 1500# duplex flanged flow meter which had failed (original install) which provides another substantial cost saving.

Installation costs are negligible due to no shutdown required and the use of existing power and communication connections.