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Energy Measurement Dashboard for NHS

Customer Issue

We were contacted by Energy Systems Catapult to provide a cloud solution for hot and cold-water metering within a hospital.

The hospital wanted to use a third-party energy visualisation tool to combine various data points throughout the hospital into an overall energy profile for the site.

However, the third party lacked the knowledge and expertise to obtain the accurate flow information, and how to transmit that data securely in a way which could be combined with their other metrics.


Using our expertise in flow measurement, JWF selected 4 Flexim F721TE ultrasonic thermal energy meters and 1 Flexim F721 ultrasonic liquid flow meter.

With BACnet/IP protocol and our JWF Communications Gateway, we were able to securely transmit this accurate data to our cloud servers in real time. With our in-house software engineering capability, a bespoke program was developed to export this data daily to the third party over SFTP.

Working closely with the contractor, we were able to work as a team to combine all the relevant metrics together and provide an energy profile of the processes. 


Our Energy Metering Dashboard allows for clear visualisation of ΔT values across thermal heating and cooling circuits, as well as flow rates and thermal energy usage.

This allows the user to take corrective action to make significant energy savings by manually turning down pumps and heaters which are not part of an active control loop. 

This can be used as part of an ambitious Energy Management System in accordance with ISO 50001.

View Energy Dashboard.