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Steam Measurement Dashboard

Customer Issue

Our industrial customer required to quantify their process steam usage across their site. No measurement was installed and concerns were raised about shutting down process, losing production and engineering costs.  In order plan new infrastructure our customer required data to be captured over a six month period. 


Our engineers installed four non-invasive Flexim ultrasonic steam flow meters along with 4G communication modules. With one dual channel transmitter we were able to successfully commission all four transmitters on five process lines (8”, 14”, 5”, 8”, 6”, all carbon steel) using GRK transducers.

This proved an accurate, cost effective, safe solution which required no process shutdown and no impact on production. Data was communicated to our customer via bespoke dashboards developed in-house by JWF the software team.   


Analysing the data, our customer is now in discussions with consulting engineers on how to improve efficiency, reduce costs, extend the process plant and contribute to lowering carbon emissions. Overall, our customer has been able to make more informed decisions using the live steam flow data across the last 6 months.


JWF partners with world-leading instrumentation companies ABB, WIKA, Flexim and Canalta. Our priority is to bring you impartial advice on the best instrumentation products as well as the opportunities presented by new technology.

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Our team can commission your instrumentation, digitally verify it, and calibrate it onsite or on our liquid and gas rigs.

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