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ABB KPM Consistency Transmitters for Ceiling Tile Manufacturer


A large UK ceiling tile manufacturer approached JWF to ask advice on how to improve the consistency measurement on the various liquid duties involved as part of the manufacturing process.

Previously this measurement was carried out by taking samples and checking them in their laboratory.


Unfortunately, this “off-line” sampling meant if there were any problems, they would be detected too late as by that point the pre-formed tiles were undergoing a firing process in their gas ovens. 

With incorrect consistency the tiles break down within the heating cycle and have to be recycled. Clearly with the current energy crisis this means large irrecoverable costs in respect of gas usage. 


The answer was the ABB/KPM microwave consistency transmitter which accurately provides “real-time” consistency measurement thus ensuring the correct quality requirements to allow a reliable curing process of the tiles in the ovens.   

This provided significant savings in respect of the gas usage.  

Subsequently another 6 units have been installed in different “make-up” lines.