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ABB valve positioner solution saves customer £300k per month

Customer Issue

Our customer, a global exploration and production company, had experienced unplanned shutdowns and process control issues on a platform in the North Sea. Less than two years old, their existing valve positioners were part of the original project installation. These positioners were tripping out, causing valves to stick and fail, losing valuable production time. The resulting cost of each trip was approximately £600,000. With six occurrences, our client was looking at a cost of £3.6 million in lost production across twelve months.


Determined to solve the problem with minimal interruption to production, the JWF solution was to retrofit the existing positioners with ABB EDP300 Valve Positioners. JWF sourced the instrumentation and managed the offshore installation process, using the client’s existing mounting brackets. We arranged a live demonstration of the ABB EDP300 Valve Positioners at a local valve facility. This allowed our client’s personnel to test and prove functionality and it helped them make a more informed decision. JWF services included supply of materials and service engineer, removal of the existing positioners and offshore retrofitting with full function and calibration check. For the retrofit we liaised with our client’s onshore and offshore personnel, delivered field service reports and ensuring smooth execution throughout the project.


10 new ABB EDP300 Valve Positioners were successful supplied and installed offshore, in use on single and double acting actuators. JWF received positive feedback from offshore instrument technicians, focusing on ease of use, the AUTOCAL function and the positioners’ digital display capability.

There has been no reported operational issues during the 6 months after installation. The sharp decline in shutdowns saved our client in maintenance costs and up to £1.8m in production compared with the previous 6 months. The new valve positioners’ economical air consumption also uses less energy than the original positioners, making further cost savings for our client.