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Bespoke Subsea Pressure Transmitters for MPD Flow Spool Application


In addition to standard ‘catalogue’ items, on occasion JWF are tasked with producing bespoke solutions to meet individual clients requirements.

The end-user in this case is a major Global designer and manufacture of Deepwater Riser Systems, who require to monitor pressure in a Flow Spool on a recent project.


In conjunction with WIKA and partner company in the North of England, the pressure transmitters were designed around specific client flange configurations. This eliminated the need for any cost involved with converting ‘standard’ flanges to suit the application.

Additionally, due to the nature of the process medium the diaphragms were coated using WIKA’s hardest wearing ceramic coating.

The units were also supplied with a customer specific subsea connector.

Solution (continued)

The Pressure Transmitter Assemblies are ATEX certified & NACE compliant and suitable for use in depths up to 300 metres in this instance.

The units were shipped in individual cases to provide safe storage after testing and prior to permanent installation.


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