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Digital portable gauge for on-site pressure measurement


SGN are responsible for the Gas Network Infrastructure in Scotland and the South of England.

They use WIKA model CPG1500 digital pressure gauge extensively to monitor pressures when installing, repairing & maintaining the underground gas pipework distribution system.


Previous pressure monitoring devices were fragile and prone to failure. Model CPG1500 has a rugged cast aluminium case, and a rubber cover is supplied for additional protection.

The large, backlit display is a winning feature when working on underground pipelines in low-light conditions.



Each service van is supplied with two gauge ranges to cover their testing requirements.  

The gauges provide quick & reliable gas pressure measurement on high (up to 85 Bar) & medium (2 to 7 Bar) pressure pipelines.

For further details please contact James Muir (WIKA Product Manager) on 07725 956759 or email