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Double Block and Bleed Orifice solution at TUV NEL

Customer Issue

JWF have been promoting the Canalta Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Orifice flow meter in the North Sea for the last few years. Introducing an updated technology can be difficult although we have rigorously tested our product to API 6A standard at Score Europe as well as demonstrating our technology during an open day at TUV NEL East Kilbride.

TUV opened the Advanced Multiphase Facility in 2019 with operating pressures up to 140 bar with a working envelope 20 times larger than any multiphase or wet gas facility in the world. But with this brought some headaches for the team at TUV NEL. One of which was the calibration of the flow meters installed at the calibration facility, how could you calibrate the flow meters at the velocities and pressures?


TUV NEL engaged with JWF as it was decided that the best way would be to calibrate the flow meters using a Reynolds based approach. This would mean supplying a number of orifice plates with various beta ratios to help meet the range of the installed flow meters.

TUV more importantly did not want to isolate and shut down the process each time they had to change an orifice plate.




Having been witness to the unit at the NEL facility and being the only orifice fitting adhering to HSE HSG Cat II Isolation standards. TUV NEL purchased a 10” 900 meter run complete with a flow conditioner housing. 

This allows the operators to remove the plate under flowing conditions which has already been done successfully.


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