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Hydrogen Fuelling System

Customer Issue

JWF recently solved a measuring problem at a Hydrogen fuelling system under construction at a Refinery in Scotland. In addition to the normal challenges in measuring the pressure of Hydrogen due to potential embrittlement of materials, the high design temperature of +145°C, coupled with the need to accurately measure under 40 Bar with a 250 Bar design pressure made this application more unique.


JWF were able to provide a solution based around WIKA pressure gauges with diaphragm seals and high overpressure diaphragm gauges, both types supplied with gold-plated diaphragms and modified to ensure functionality at high temperature


WIKA has been a partner to the hydrogen industry for decades, with a proven track record in providing instrumentation solutions for Hydrogen Refuelling, Generation, Compression & Storage applications.




Work with an experienced team of highly-skilled engineers to devise meaningful data solutions that will give your engineers greater control, and the tools to embed and support continuous improvement.

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Commissioning & Calibration

Our team can commission your instrumentation, digitally verify it, and calibrate it onsite or on our liquid and gas rigs.

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