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JWF complete major scope of work in 10 weeks

The Challenge

JWF have just completed a large scope of work on behalf of a major North Sea operator.  Our customer came to JWF for an annuli pressure monitoring solution.

The customer stated that they had went out to a number of different suppliers in order to meet a very tight delivery schedule for this planned safety upgrade and were very concerned about delivering within the time required.

The upgrade meant the removal of existing pressure gauges and the installation of ABB pressure transmitters allowing the continuous remote pressure monitoring and trending of annuli pressures. This enabled improved safety from an operational point of view, with the removal of the 12 hourly operator monitoring in wellbays whilst allowing the facility to have useful high pressure and rate of rise alarms per annulus.

The scope of work included:

  • 72 off ABB gauge pressure transmitters (model no. 266)
  • Supply of 22% Cr. duplex mono-flanges & 316ss manifolds
  • Assembly & pressure testing of the instrument assemblies (up to 375 barg)
  • Supply and approval of all key documentation
  • Managing the final inspection

Our Solution

Due to our responsive nature, we were quickly able to generate trust with the customer. JWF outlined our approach in providing a turnkey solution whereby we managed the process from start to finish including the pressure testing of the duplex mono flanges. Through our supply chain team, we were able to reassure the customer by demonstrating our logistics processes which include expediting and progress tracker reports. This allowed JWF to provide ownership throughout the lifecycle of the project.

week delivery
pressure transmitters
order value


JWF delivered the job within 10 weeks from start to finish with the following customer feedback:

“The cost & efficiency savings have been significant but what has been more important is the delivery timeframes – 10 weeks from start to finish has been very impressive”.  Project Engineer

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