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Pressure transmitter seal assembly saves costs


Major offshore operator approached JWF to design a unique pressure transmitter seal assembly to allow installation flexibility and suitable for pressures of 345 barg.

Customer requirements included:

  • ½” NPT (m) process connection
  • Flexibility for mounting the transmitter
  • Easy installation
  • No small-bore tubing

Photos to the right demonstrates the difference between small bore tubing versus this flexible solution from JWF.


JWF developed a standardised solution in collaboration with our customer, comprising:

  • Pressure transmitter
  • Robust capillary system providing improved mechanical protection
  • WIKA seal rated up to 400 barg
  • Swivel adaptor for ease of installation. 
  • An integrated welded assembly offering flexibility and removing the need for small bore tubing.



Construction benefits offshore:

  • Standardised hook-ups = easy install
  • No small-bore tubing = cost saving
  • Capillary system = easy to fit and flexible instrument mounting

Overall, JWF worked closely with the EPC/End user and have estimated cost savings of £50k in design, engineering and construction per loop.


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