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Test Separator Gas Measurement using DBB Fittings

Customer Issue

Ithaca Energy via Worley (EPC) contacted JWF to discuss options for an upgrade for the Gas leg of the production separators on Vorlich FPF-01. Ithaca / Worley wanted to use a DP flow technology solution (simple and easy to understand). One of the key considerations was the fact that the original install had no isolation points to inspect / remove the Orifice plate. Following an offshore survey, the customer required 1 X 12” and 1 X 16” orifice fitting solution with pipe spools to fit into a deconstruct space of 7,554mm and 9,602mm respectively.


JWF provided 2 x Canalta DBB Flange x Flange units and various lengths of spool pieces. This was to allow the units to fit exactly in the dimensions provided after the deconstruct of the original installation. The units and spools were finished to 0.2mm and 0.5mm accuracy. This was complex as JWF had to manage a number of engineering modifications while working to an agreed date for shut down to allow both deconstruction and installation. Due to modifications JWF provided over 20 sizing calculations for the orifice plates.

Solution (continued)

The units were Gas tested at Score (Europe) in Cowdenbeath under API 6A. This tested the canalta body and internal valves to 1.5 times design pressure. JWF supplied an offshore commissioning engineer to provide support and training to the offshore metering technicians. This technology and training will allow the platform to safely remove the orifice plates under flowing conditions while adhering to HSE HSG Cat 2 isolation standards.



2 x DBB Orifice flow meter runs in accordance with ISO5167. The platform can now safely isolate the lines using the DBB functionality knowing it has been tested to Valve standards at widely recognised testing facility. JWF provided not only the meter runs but a number of other materials such as 20” concentric reducer / mating flanges / Thermowells.




JWF provides a live dmonstration of Canalta's Double Block and Bleed (DBB) orifice plate at the TUV NEL.

The DBB concept significantly reduces costs associated with orifice and conditioning plate maintenance by allowing plate removal without reducing line pressure and flow rate.