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Flow Surveys

JWF provide flow surveys using our range of Flexim portable ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters.

Our service engineers are specially trained on Flexim technologies and can carry out measurement services at your site.

Our range of Flexim portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters can measure both liquids and gases to provide velocity, energy, mass and volumetric data.

Flow surveys can be carried out on the following:

  • Pipe sizes from 10mm – 3000mm diameter.
  • No limitations on wall thickness or pipe material.
  • From extremely low to very high velocities.
  • Hazardous areas up to 400°C (ATEX Zone 2 / FM Class I, Division 2 certified).

Our flow survey service can be arranged according to your business needs. The reasons can include:

  • Check metering on liquid or gas filled pipes.
  • Complete measurement audit.
  • Check existing flow meters.

We will provide you with a detailed flow survey report.

See below the variety of flow surveys we have carried out.

Chemical plant


Fertiliser company

Gas network system


Power Station