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Instrumentation Calibration Service

JWF offer instrumentation calibration services for your measuring instruments covering all industry sectors. We can provide calibration in the following areas:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Density
  • Analytical
  • Level
  • Weight
  • Valve testing

Our Beamex calibration software allows us to perform automated calibration to most instrumentation to ensure the fastest possible turnaround for our customers.  In addition, we are able to manage UKAS calibration on behalf of our customers.

JWF offer calibration contract services allowing us to work closely with our customers to deliver exactly the type of calibration schedule that is required. This means reduced calibration time resulting in reduced costs for our customers.

Product Range

Multifunction Calibrator

Multifunction Calibrator

  • Easy to use and very intuitive, the multifunction calibrator can meet all your calibration needs in one complete session, from calibration of RTD’s to pressure transmitters
  • The calibrator can hold new and existing calibrations performed  whilst utilising the onboard software gives easy access to all points calibrated over a period of time
  • Fully automated calibration facility where all the setpoints are performed, no need for pen and paper with the chance of mistakes
  • Once all your calibrations have been performed, we can print off the calibration certificates showing full compliance with your maintenance system and are fully auditable to UK standards