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Flow Meter Verification

Flow Verification is a functional test to confirm sensor and transmitter stability and gives values that are representative of flow rate; it is a measure of how accurate your flow meter is.

Failure to verify flow meters can impact performance by inaccurate measurements leading to overall poor system performance and errors adversely affecting costs.

JWF provide on-site flow meter verification meaning no shutdown for your process required.

ABB Ability™ Verification

ABB Ability™ allows on-site verification for the range of ABB flow meters.

The verification software is easy to use providing a range of communication options and certification in accordance with ISO9001.

The standard version of the ABB Ability™ allows the user to verify a device in situ within 5 minutes increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Flexim Clamp-on Technology

Our engineers can use a Flexim portable clamp-on flow meter to verify against your inline flow measurement device.

Our FLEXIM flow meters can check metering on liquid, gas and steam filled pipes.

A detailed flow survey report can be provided.

At JWF we can also provide a bespoke flow system to enable flow verification within your own premises. We design and build mobile flow rigs covering different flow ranges with various communication outputs, meter sizes and connections. Our flow systems can accommodate meters for any manufacturer through our design process to increase functionality and maximise flexibility.

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