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Flow Surveys

JWF provide flow surveys using our range of Flexim portable ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters.

Our service engineers are specially trained on Flexim technologies and can carry out measurement services at your site.

Our range of Flexim portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters can measure both liquids and gases to provide velocity, energy, mass and volumetric data.

Flow surveys can be carried out on the following:

  • Pipe sizes from 10mm – 3000mm diameter.
  • No limitations on wall thickness or pipe material.
  • From extremely low to very high velocities.
  • Hazardous areas up to 400°C (ATEX Zone 2 / FM Class I, Division 2 certified).

Our flow survey service can be arranged according to your business needs. The reasons can include:

  • Check metering on liquid or gas filled pipes.
  • Complete measurement audit.
  • Check existing flow meters.

We will provide you with a detailed flow survey report.

See below the variety of flow surveys we have carried out.

Oil & Gas

Offshore Platform Case Study   Offshore Platform
8 day flow survey project involving measurement and flow verification on multiple gas lift lines.   Measuring flow rates on gas measurement system using the portable Flexim ultrasonic flow meter.

Water & Sewage

Sewage Treatment Works Case Study   Waste Water Treatment Works
Checking feasibility of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter technology for measuring consistency of flow within pipe repeatedly over a period of time.   Flow survey in order to test the feasibility of future fixed installations of Flexim ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters.


Glenlee Hydro Electric Power Station Case Study   SSE Hydro
Checking feasibility of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter technology for measuring any over velocities within the pipe.   Measuring flow rates using the portable Flexim ultrasonic flow meter.

Food & Beverage

Graham's Family Diary Case Study    Mortlach Distillery
Flow survey service to help monitor and analyse their water usage throughout the whole site.   Flow survey using portable flow meter to check against exisitng permanent flow meter already installed.