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Hydrogen - the key to Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation is critical for tackling climate change with businesses creating one fifth of all UK carbon emissions. Hydrogen is becoming a key player in reducing carbon emissions as a carbon-free fuel and for carbon capture and storage. The energy transition to Hydrogen will demand a significant change in our infrastructure for production, transport, storage and end use. 

You can't improve what you don't measure

How can our measurement solutions improve your Hydrogen process:

  • Prevent foaming and degradation of Amine
  • Reduce potential for corrosive environment
  • Ensure consistent process conditions are maintained
  • Assist with optimum Flue Gas and Amine input to contactor 
  • Quantify CO2 capture to assist eith further process imrpovements
  • Online monitoring for predictive maintenance 

'Hydrogen-ready' measurement solutions

We have a wide range of instrumentation and anlyser solutions to support your hydrogen processes and applications through the product lifecycle from production to consumption.

Instrumentation Analysers Data solutions
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Thermal mass flow meters
  • Variable area flow meters
  • Pressure measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Level transmitters and switches
  • Manifolds
  • Continuous gas analysers
  • Process gas chromatographs



Data dashboards to measure flow, pressure and temperature within your hydrogen process.