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Unipulse Batching Meter Hire

The Stream Unipulse Batching Meter is a device used in industrial settings for accurately measuring and batching liquids or gases. It's commonly employed in processes where precise control over the flow of materials is crucial, such as in chemical manufacturing, food processing, or water treatment plants.

JWF offer a flow meter hire service with a range of Unipulse flow meters available for rental.

Here's a basic overview of its functionality:

  • Flow Measurement: The Unipulse Batching Meter accurately measures the flow rate of the liquid or gas passing through it. This is typically done using sensors or meters that detect the movement of the substance.
  • Batching Control: Once the flow rate is measured, the Unipulse system can control the batching process. Batching involves dividing the flow into specific quantities or batches according to pre-set parameters.
  • Accuracy and Precision: One of the key features of the Unipulse system is its high level of accuracy and precision. This ensures that the desired quantity of material is dispensed consistently, minimizing waste and ensuring product quality.
  • Integration: The Unipulse system may be integrated into larger control systems or PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) for seamless operation within the overall industrial process.
  • User Interface: The device typically includes a user interface where operators can set parameters such as batch size, flow rate, and other relevant settings. This interface may be digital or analog, depending on the model.

Overall, the Stream Unipulse Batching Meter plays a critical role in industries where precise measurement and control of liquid or gas flow are essential for efficient and quality production processes.