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Energy Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter Hire

Our fleet of ultrasonic flow meters for hire includes Flexim's FLUXUS FLUXUS G601 CA Energy portable clamp-on flow meters for compressed air and thermal energy metering.

The Flexim FLUXUS G601 CA is an energy flow meter designed for non-intrusive and highly accurate measurements of energy flow in various industrial applications. It utilizes the principle of transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement, where ultrasonic signals are transmitted through the fluid from one transducer to another, both upstream and downstream.

The G601 CA model is specifically tailored for applications involving compressed air, making it suitable for monitoring energy consumption in compressed air systems. By measuring the flow rate of compressed air, it enables users to assess energy usage, detect leaks, optimize system performance, and ultimately reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

The non-intrusive nature of the FLUXUS G601 CA means that it can be easily installed on existing pipelines without the need for cutting into the pipe or interrupting the flow, minimizing downtime and installation costs. Additionally, its high accuracy and reliability make it a valuable tool for energy management and efficiency improvement initiatives in industrial settings.

Overall, the Flexim FLUXUS G601 CA energy flow meter provides an effective solution for monitoring and managing energy consumption in compressed air systems, helping industries achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.