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Gas Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter Hire

Our fleet of ultrasonic flow meters for hire includes Flexim's range of FLUXUS portable clamp-on gas flow meters. Our range of rental Flexim portable non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters can measure gas to provide velocity, energy, mass and volumetric data.

Flexim FLUXUS portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are devices used to measure the flow rate of gases in pipes without the need for cutting into the pipe or interrupting the flow. These meters utilize ultrasonic technology to accurately measure flow rates by clamping sensors onto the outside of the pipe.

Here are some key features and benefits of Flexim FLUXUS portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for gas:

  1. Non-invasive Measurement: They offer non-invasive measurement, meaning no interruption to the process flow and no risk of leaks or contamination.
  2. Accurate and Reliable: Utilizing ultrasonic technology, these meters provide accurate and reliable measurements even for challenging gas flow conditions.
  3. Portability: Being portable devices, they are suitable for temporary measurements or situations where permanent installation is not feasible.
  4. Wide Range of Applications: These flow meters can be used in various industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and HVAC for measuring the flow of gases.
  5. Easy Installation and Setup: The clamp-on design allows for quick and easy installation without the need for specialized tools or equipment.
  6. Data Logging and Communication: Many models offer features such as data logging and communication capabilities, allowing users to store measurement data and transfer it to other devices or systems for analysis.
  7. Battery Operated: As portable devices, they are often battery-operated, providing flexibility in their usage and allowing measurements to be taken in remote locations or areas without power outlets.
  8. Robust Construction: Designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, these meters are often built with durable materials to ensure long-term reliability.

Overall, Flexim FLUXUS portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters offer a convenient and effective solution for measuring gas flow rates in various industrial applications.


G601: The FLUXUS G601 for the flow measurement of gas filled pipes.

G608: The FLUXUS G608 for gas flow measurement in hazardous areas up to 400°C (ATEX Zone 2 / FM Class I, Division 2 certified).