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Steam Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter Hire

Our fleet of ultrasonic flow meters for hire includes Flexim's range of FLUXUS portable clamp-on flow meters for steam measurement.

The Flexim Fluxus Steam is a portable ultrasonic flow meter specifically designed for measuring the flow of steam. It utilizes the transit-time principle to accurately measure the flow velocity of the steam by analyzing the time it takes for ultrasonic signals to travel between transducers upstream and downstream of the flow.

These portable meters are beneficial in steam system monitoring, allowing for non-intrusive, accurate measurements without disrupting the flow or requiring shutdowns for installation. They're often used in various industrial applications where steam flow monitoring is critical for process control, energy management, and efficiency optimization.

Flexim is renowned for its high-quality flow measurement solutions, and the Fluxus Steam portable meter is no exception, providing reliable and accurate measurements even in challenging operating conditions. Its portability makes it convenient for temporary measurements or for situations where permanent installation is not feasible or cost-effective.