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ABB Ability

 ABB Ability for measurement devices is a single application that covers the ABB portfolio. The software allows for verification of in-situ flow meters.

The easy to use software comes with a variety of communication options and provides certification in accordance with ISO9001.

What does this mean for my process?

  • Potential to increase calibration intervals.
  • Troubleshoot and trend devices at agreed intervals (prevention of unplanned downtime).
  • Reduces the burden on the customer being a specialist of all various technologies.

The software provides an overall PASS/FAIL but more importantly a detailed measurement of the device internals. The tests can be stored locally or shared database allowing further analysis. The graph functionality also allows results to be compared to historical tests of that particular meter.

The standard version of the ABB Ability allows the user to verify a device in situ within 5 minutes increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

View case study at global food and beverage customer.

ABB Ability SRV500 Verification Software

View example ABB Ability report

Image: ABB Ability SRV500
ABB Ability SRV500
Image: Using ABB Ability to verify Coriolis Flow Meter
Using ABB Ability to verify Coriolis Flow Meter

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