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Actuators & Positioners

JWF’s extensive portfolio of actuators and positioners provides reliable and stable positioning of your control valves and final control elements, crucial to achieving your operational targets.

This product range has several unique features:

I/P Convertor:

  • Are extremely robust and reliable, withstanding the most arduous operating conditions
  • High immunity to shocks and vibrations with an effect < 1% for loads up to 10g
  • Wide temperature range from -55°C to 85°C

The new ABB EDP 300 valve positioner:

  • Uses innovative control algorithms taken from the field of robotics
  • Is easy to set up and commission
  • Uses less air than its competitors, making it the most energy efficient on the market, particularly seeing as compressed air is ten times more expensive than electricity. Get a quicker payback on your investment.
  • Available with fail-freeze option
  • Available with remote sensor
  • Supply pressure 10 bar for quick acting control