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Analytical & Emissions

JWF offers a broad range of analytical products that can be split into two portfolios; liquids and gases. We offer a full range of in-line analysers that continue to help many customers across various sectors and applications, from distilling to chemical production.


  • Absorption meters
  • PH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors and transmitters
  • Dissolved organics
  • Turbidity systems
  • Water analysers


  • Rack or wall-mounted gas analysers (gas chromatograph)
  • Integrated cabinet solutions
  • Combustion gas analysers
  • Dust/opacity monitors
  • Zirconia analysers

  • Image:
    Continuous Gas Analysers
  • Image:
    Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  • Image:
    Zirconia Analyser
  • Image:
    Gas Chromatograph
  • Image:
    Dust Opacity Monitor