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ABB Sensi+ Gas Analyser

ABB’s Sensi+ is a compact natural gas contaminants analyser based on a unique tunable diode laser (TDL) technology know as Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS). The technology accurately, reliably, and simultaneously measures corrosive substances such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and water in real time within complex and time-varying natural gas streams. 

Fast response time is essential to enable pipeline operations to take quick actions to process upsets. Gas quality measurements are conducted upstream from custody transfer connections. If an upset is detected, the gas must be diverted before being transferred. Faster response in measuring contaminants enables a faster flow rate in the pipeline, maximising gas network uptime, minimizing product waste, and ensuring safety and productivity. 

Many conventional analysers have long cycle times and cannot update measurements fast enough to detect rapid changes in containment gases. TDLs can be scanned quickly to provide measurement updates in seconds. While all TSL based analysers can claim to have fast measurement update times, they don’t all provide a quick response. 


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