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Swirl Flow Meters

ABB's Swirl flow meters combine the measuring dynamics of turbine meters with the robustness and reliability of vortex flow metering by requiring shortest upstream and downstream distances. The robust and versatile SwirlMaster enables the reliable measurement of liquids, gases and steam in units of volume, mass and energy.

Equipped with digital signal processing (DSP) and advanced filtering techniques, these innovative flow meters from ABB allow improved flow signal detection and provide measurement immunity from the effects of hydraulic noise and pipeline vibration.

  • Installation Benefits: upstream 3x DN; downstream 1x DN
  • Wide flow range 50:1 turndown
  • Available with integrated flow computer
  • Integral temperature compensation (steam mass flow calculation)
  • Easy set up function

The design of this flow meter makes it the technology of choice for steam applications. The ABB Swirl Flow Meters are Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant and provide distillers with a highly accurate solution for steam measurement. JWF have helped major whisky distillers adhere to the regulation guidelines set out by Ofgem for RHI projects by offering ABB SwirlMasters. View our SwirlMeter case study.

Our range of ABB SwirlMaster flow meters:

ABB SwirlMaster FSS430

ABB SwirlMaster FSS430

FSS430 is the basic version of swirl flow meters for measurement of gases, liquid and steam.

ABB SwirlMaster FSS450

ABB SwirlMaster FSS450

FSS450 is the universal version of swirl flow meters with enhanced flow computer functionality for gases, liquid and steam.

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