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ABB Swirl Flow Meters

The ABB SwirlMaster is a unique flow meter design, pioneered and patented by ABB – this design ensures uses a similar principle to Vortex, but due to its ability to measure from the ‘twist’ of the fluid, it does not require the straight installation pipework lengths demanded by Vortex flowmeters.

This means the flow meter is ideal for applications where limited straight pipe is available – eliminating the need for costly installations or pipe modifications.

Our engineers can carry out in-situ flow meter verification using ABB Ability™ meaning no shutdown for your process required.

The FSS4X0 is a universal flowmeter for high end flow applications – which means it can be used for steam, water or gas applications.

It uses a two-wire transmitter with leading edge DSP-Technology and advanced flow computer functionality. Signals from remote sensors – like pressure, temperature, density or gas content can be computed directly with the signals from internal flow and temperature – making the FSS450 ideal for direct mass flow or standard flow of gases and liquids or direct mass and energy flow on saturated and super-heated steam.

A guide on the flowmeter body inlet causes the fluid swirl creating a similar effect to a vortex flow meter, the swirls are then counted by a piezo sensor, allowing the fluid velocity to be monitored.

The design of this flow meter makes it the technology of choice for steam applications. The ABB Swirl flow meters are Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant and provide distillers with a highly accurate solution for steam measurement. JWF have helped major whisky distillers adhere to the regulation guidelines set out by Ofgem for RHI projects by offering ABB SwirlMasters. View our SwirlMeter case study.

Image: ABB SwirlMaster
ABB SwirlMaster
Image: Swirl Flow Meter on site
Swirl Flow Meter on site

Product Range

ABB SwirlMaster FSS430

ABB SwirlMaster FSS430

FSS430 is the basic version of swirl flow meters for measurement of gases, liquid and steam.

ABB SwirlMaster FSS450

ABB SwirlMaster FSS450

FSS450 is the universal version of swirl flow meters with enhanced flow computer functionality for gases, liquid and steam.

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