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Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Thermal mass flow meters are suitable for any industrial or test rig application that demands quick and precise gas measurement.

JWF’s offering directly indicates the mass flow or normalised volume flow of gases without any additional pressure and temperature compensation.

The flowmeters have impressively high accuracy, short response time and very wide flow range with virtually no loss of accuracy, even at the lowest flow rates.

Our engineers can carry out in-situ verification for your thermal mass flow meters meaning no shutdown for your process required.

JWF offer ABB's SensyMaster and SensyFlow thermal mass flow meters.


Image: ABB SensyMaster FMT400 Series
ABB SensyMaster FMT400 Series
Image: ABB SensyFlow FMT700 Series
ABB SensyFlow FMT700 Series

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Product Range

ABB SensyMaster FMT400 Series

ABB SensyMaster FMT400 Series

  • Pipe Diameter:  DN 25 to DN 3000
  • Repeatability : 0.2% Qm
  • Medium Temperature: -20 up to 300°c
  • Communication – Up to 3 current outputs
  • Up to 3 digital outputs
  • Up to 2 Digital Inputs
  • Modbus via RS485
  • Profibus DP

**Up to 8 different applications available within the FMT450**

ABB SensyFlow FMT700 Series

ABB SensyFlow FMT700 Series

The measuring system comprises a flowmeter sensor (measuring tube), a measuring section and a supply / evaluation unit. The FMT700-P Compact has an integrated transmitter. 

The sensor is designed as a measuring tube and accommodates the measuring elements. The meter tube is available in six nominal diameters ranging from DN 25 to DN 200 and is installed in the measuring section by using quick-clamping connectors.

The measuring section consists of inlet and outlet sections of the appropriate size and of an air filter or flow conditioner which can be connected – e.g. to an air duct – via the connection piece on the suction side.

ABB SensyFlow FMT200 ECO2

ABB SensyFlow FMT200 ECO2

Compact , dynamic and universal meter setup for OEM solutions or other stationary dosing equipment.

The Sensyflow FMT200-ECO2 consists of an easy to install pipe component which accommodates the sensor unit and the evaluation electronics. It directly provides a linearized output signal, and it is calibrated and immediately ready for use.

A standard RS 232 interface allows the change over between the individual output signals (current, voltage, frequrency, pulse and alarm) and to configure the device.

Due to its flexible connection concept this measuring instrument can be installed in pipes or tubes of different types and sizes. Various process adapters are available for this purpose.

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