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Heaters & Combustion


JWF’s wide range of electric process heaters provides solutions ranging from simple immersion heaters to large, process critical fuel gas heating solutions.

The benefits to our customers include:

  • Reliable and enterprise-wide solutions based on the reliable metal-sheathed resistance heating element
  • Customised heating solutions to meet your needs, including heater and control panels
  • For larger and more complex heaters, complete trust in a well-engineered and managed solution.
  • Global approvals





At JWF we have expertise and experience in the field of combustion technology. Specifically, we have supplied and commissioned various types of gas fired and high-energy flame ignition systems that are used on many combustible fuels like oil, gas and coal. Typical applications exist within the refinery, petrochemical, power and oil and gas industries.

Combined with this, we have supplied and commissioned flame-scanner devices used to monitor gas, oil and coal flames in single and multi-burner view applications. Typical industries are power, refining, chemical, cement and waste incinerators.


  • Chromalox
  • Durag Group