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Tubeskin Thermocouples

The purpose of tubeskin measurement is to determine tube life, monitor trending, and provide safeguards within a system. By relying on accurate tubeskin sensors, clients can achieve increased tube life and optimised production within heater operations at their facilities. WIKA’s tubeskin product portfolio includes the REFRACTO-PAD®, V-PAD®, XTRACTO-PAD® and WELD-PAD thermocouples; and each solution is engineered to fit your application. Along with these tubeskin products, WIKA also provides installation services as a key component to a successful tubeskin solution.

WIKA/Gayesco have been among the world leaders in the refinery and petrochemical industry for more than 50 years.The WIKA Group has further expanded by acquiring Gayesco  International Inc. This strengthens the market position of the group in the field of electrical temperature measurement and on-site services.


Image: Tubeskin Thermocouples
Tubeskin Thermocouples
Image: Tubeskin Thermocouples
Tubeskin Thermocouples
Image: WIKA Tubeskin Thermocouples
WIKA Tubeskin Thermocouples

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The V-Pad™ design includes a machined v-shaped block that is welded to the mineral-insulated cable.

Features include:

  • Material compatibility for various service conditions
  • Compaction of the mineral insulation inside of the V-Pad™ protects the measuring point from radiant temperature influences.
  • No special machining of the v-shaped block is required to match any tube profile.
  • The thermocouple is welded into the base of the V-Pad™for maximum accuracy and fast response.
  • The engineered v-shaped block allows a full penetration weld between the junction and tube surface, eliminating potential air gaps and substantial measurement inaccuracies.



The Refracto-Pad™ design utilises a Weld-Pad thermo-couple and heat shield.

Features of the Refracto-Pad™ include:

  • Strong welded connection to the process tube
  • Patented heat shield with a special insulating moulded part
  • Shield and sensor profile designed to match tube curvature.
  • Shield protects the sensor cable and allows for quick routing out of the radiant heat, increasing sensor life.



The Xtracto-Pad™ design utilises a Weld-Pad attached to a guide channel and heat shield.

Features of the Xtracto-Pad™ include all of the Refracto-Pad™ plus:

  • Removable thermocouple design allows the thermo-couple to be replaced without any additional grinding or welding. It also allows for the weldable parts to be attached without the presence of the sensor. The Weld-Pad/guide channel, heat shield and clips can be put on by the manufacturer of the heater/boiler or even by the tube manufacturer in the case of special furnace tubes.
  • Special features to improve the reliability of the reading accuracy.

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