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ABB Pressure Transmitters

JWF offer the complete ABB range of pressure transmitters for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure.

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ABB PxS100 Pressure Transmitters

ABB PxS100 Pressure Transmitters

ABB's new range of digital pressure transmitters available in both Gauge and Absolute sensor variants and offers five different measurement ranges, covering applications from 40 mbar up to 100 bar.

  • Compact and robust stainless-steel 316L housing offers protection
  • Features a unique titanium-based coasting offering high resistance in demanding environments
  • Can be used with a range of connectors and flanges

ABB 266 Transmitters

ABB 266 Transmitters

JWF offer the ABB 266 Pressure transmitter and all its variants including Gauge / Absolute / DP & Multivariable base accuracy from ±0.025%. The 266 pressure transmitter family is extremely intuitive and easy to use thanks to the new TTG technology (Through The Glass) which enables to configure the transmitter in a simple touch even in dangerous areas. 266 pressure transmitters help you reducing costs and allow on site operations at anytime. This device stands for innovative technology and ABB experience, granting high efficiency, safety and reliability in your plant.

  • Base Accuracy from ±0.025%.
  • Wetted Parts materials and coatings offering best solutions for all applications (Please email to discuss your application needs)
  • Wireless, digital or wire

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