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Temperature Switches

Temperature switches are used in a variety of industrial and technical processes.

If a preset temperature is reached, then the temperature switch opens or closes a corresponding switch contact.

Depending on the requirements, mechanical or electronic switches can be used.

JWF has partnered with WIKA in Scotland since 1972 and are responsible for the full sales and technical promotion of WIKA products.

In our broad range of WIKA's temperature switches, you will find the right temperature switch for every application.

Product Range

WIKA Electronic temperature switch with display

WIKA Electronic temperature switch with display

The robust LED display has been designed using 9 mm high characters (the largest possible) and with a slight incline in order to make reading the temperature as easy as possible from a long way off.

WIKA Gas-actuated temperature switch

WIKA Gas-actuated temperature switch

These high-quality temperature switches have been developed specifically for safety-critical applications. The high quality of the products and manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 ensure reliable monitoring of your plant. The measuring element is a gas-actuated system with a bourdon tube element. This system allows wide setting range up to 0 ... 600°C.

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