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ABB launch new pressure transmitter

ABB launch new range of pressure transmitters designed to meet key requirements in most manufacturing and production industries.

The ABB PxS100 range is suitable for use in the water, wastewater, energy, chemical, refinery pulp and paper.

1. Digitalisation

QR codes make it easy to obtain detailed operational messages and quick access to useful information online. This can help reduce the amount of time it takes to identify any issues.

2. Adaptable connectors and flanges

The PxS100 pressure transmitter can be used with a range of connectors and flanges to meet a user’s exact installation requirements, saving time and cost within the manufacturing process.

3. Compact stainless-steel housing

The PxS100’s compact and robust stainless-steel 316L housing offers protection, allowing it to operate in conditions of high humidity or dust concentration in the air.

4. Highly resistant

The transmitter features a unique titanium-based coasting offering high resistance in demanding environments including hazardous areas. The rugged design protects the transmitter from abrasion and does not interfere with the measurement performance.

5. Wide choice of Pressure ranges

The PxS100 comes in both Gauge and Absolute sensor variants and offers five different measurement ranges, covering applications from 40 mbar up to 100 bar.

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