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ABB launches world's first Power over Ethernet flow meters

JWF are pleased to announce that industrial Ethernet has officially entered instrumentation offering performance at the speed of light. ABB have integrated power supply through Ethernet connectivity on their electromagnetic flowmeter ProcessMaster* and coriolis mass flowmeter CoriolisMaster.

*Ethernet connectivity will be available on the ABB electromagnetic flow meter ProcessMaster later this year. 

Why is this beneficial for our customers? 

Ethernet for flow meters bring many benefits to our customers. Power over Ethernet will:

  • Increase security, simplicity, flexibility, reliability and performance.
  • Give customers the first-ever flow device with Power over Ethernet functionality. No extra power source or additional wires needed, only reduced complexity and cost savings.
  • Future-proof its technology, ensuring longevity and continued operations of our offering in plants as our customers move through an increasingly automated world (Industry 4.0. and smart cities).
  • Offer secure webserver capability that enables support during commissioning and troubleshooting.

Ethernet is now available for the following products:


  • Power over Ethernet uses standard Ethernet cables installed like a typical network.
  • No special tools are required. 
  • A centralized power supply unit covers all needs in the field. 
  • Additional electrical outlets and cables are no longer needed. 
  • By using a PoE-compliant Ethernet switch, no additional hardware is required for regular Ethernet installations.


  • With remote and centralized power, the flow meter can be installed wherever required, regardless of any power supply in range.
  • Additional Ethernet provides a scalable solution, which can be easily extended with the next Ethernet switch or upgraded to an existing network by using a midspan PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment or POE switch). This allows flexibility to adapt to suit the changing needs of an application.


  • Power over Ethernet uses off-the-shelf components which can be found from many vendors on the market.
  • The same equipment can be used in the office as well as in industrial applications, which means that procurement costs can be reduced. 
  • Power over Ethernet can be part of an installation, right from the start or as a later upgrade.
  • Power over Ethernet needs just one cable, cutting the installation effort into half.


  • Power over Ethernet can increase the reliability of an installation as centralized power enables back-up solutions with uninterruptible power supply systems.
  • Devices can be remotely powered down during periods of low usage or for security or safety reasons.

Frank Frenzel, Global Product Line Manager Process Flowmeters, shares “ProcessMaster and CoriolisMaster with Ethernet will support our customers’ digital journey towards smart cities and Industry 4.0. Ethernet is the leading communications technology. By incorporating it into the ABB flowmeters, we can help even more customers reduce complexity of operations and lower costs of infrastructure in more plants around the world – safely and remotely.”

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