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MCERTS Accredited ABB transmitter and pH Sensors

Environmental monitoring is an essential aspect of modern-day industries. As companies grow and expand, so does their impact on the environment. To mitigate the environmental impact of their operations, companies are required to monitor and report on their emissions and waste output. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the use of MCERTS-certified monitoring systems.

MCERTS stands for the Monitoring Certification Scheme. It is a certification scheme that was developed by the UK Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to provide an assurance of the quality, reliability, and accuracy of monitoring equipment. MCERTS certification ensures that environmental monitoring equipment meets certain standards and is fit for purpose.

MCERTS certification covers a range of monitoring equipment, including emissions monitoring systems, water quality monitoring equipment, and soil monitoring equipment. It provides assurance to regulators that the data produced by these systems is accurate, reliable, and can be used to make informed decisions about the impact of industrial activities on the environment

ABB offers a range of products that have been MCERTS approved. The ABB AWT420 Transmitter along with a complimentary range of ABB pH sensors are MCERTS approved. The MCERTS accredited ABB 100 GP and 500 Pro pH sensors can be connected to an ABB analytical transmitter and using ABB's EZLink technology set-up is made easy with automatic sensor recognition and guidance.

Benefits of ABB MCERTS:

The ABB MCERTS scheme offers a range of benefits to manufacturers, operators, and regulators. These include:

  • Confidence in the accuracy and reliability of monitoring equipment: The scheme provides a framework for the approval of monitoring equipment, which ensures that it meets strict performance criteria. This provides confidence to stakeholders that the equipment is accurate and reliable, which is crucial for the collection of reliable data for environmental purposes.
  • Improved consistency across different industries: The ABB MCERTS scheme promotes consistency in the use of monitoring equipment across different industries. This ensures that data collected is comparable across different sectors, which can be used for benchmarking and to identify areas for improvement.
  • Improved quality of data: The scheme ensures that monitoring equipment is fit for purpose and meets strict performance criteria. This improves the quality of data collected, which is crucial for making informed decisions about environmental management.
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