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Benefits of the ABB Non-Invasive Temperature Sensor

A simpler and safer way of measuring your process temperature.

In a world increasingly reliant on advanced technology and precise monitoring, the demand for innovative temperature measurement solutions is on the rise. ABB, a global leader in measurement and analytics, has responded to this need with the creation of the Non-Invasive Temperature Sensor TSP341.

Other types of measurement devices often involve invasive probes or contact-based sensors. These methods can create several challenges. They may require shutdowns, which are costly and time-consuming, and they can also lead to contamination or damage of the material being measured. In the case of pipelines carrying hazardous materials, invasive sensors may not be an option due to safety and environmental concerns.

The ABB TSP 341 solves these challenges but providing a non-invasive solution that uses clamp on technology. ABB’s double sensor technology and calculation algorithm allows the device to accurately measure the temperature of the medium without having to cut into a pipe.

Cost efficient

Since the Non-Invasive temperature does not require shutdown installation or maintenance, it means no operation downtime is required, saving both time and money.


The Non-Invasive Temperature Sensor can be installed on the outside of the pipe, replacing the need to use a traditional thermowell making it safer. This means no contact with the medium is required reducing risk for humans, the environment and the medium.

High accuracy

Accuracy and response time close to or better than invasive measurement. Repeatability proven under long-term industrial testing during development.

Comparison to surface mount

Surface mount technology uses a sensor that is attached to the pipe to measure the surface temperature of the pipe rather than what’s inside. The ABB measures the medium not the surface with clamp on technology.

The ABB Non-Invasive Temperature Sensor represents a significant advancement in the field of temperature measurement technology. It offers a simple, safe and accurate solution for our customers seeking to improve their processes while reducing operational costs and downtime.

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