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ABB ProcessMaster Flow Meter proves resilience

JWF were contacted recently by one of our distillery customers who was impressed at how, despite a very significant product build up on the liner, that the ABB ProcessMaster electromagnetic flow meter was still operational.

The customer only became aware of this build up when he decided to remove the flow meter as they were due to pressure jet the line.

Our customer commented: “The flow meter had to be removed to ensure the liner did not get damaged by the high pressure jet. The flow meter was working and reading flow ok…somehow…

So just in case one of your customers asks if your flow meters are resilient to build up…you can show them the below before and after photos.”

These pictures very much validate the design of the ABB ProcessMaster (300 series) where conditions can be difficult and arduous.   

The ABB ProcessMaster flow meter was installed for 5 years within a bio energy plant on pot ale.  

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