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Can you use clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for energy consumption?

What is net zero carbon?

Net zero carbon is a term that is becoming more common in our daily lives. Net zero carbon means the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

Countries, companies and individuals are working towards a net zero future. The UK government have a target to bring all greenhouse emissions to net zero by 2050. The UK has already decrease emissions by 42% and the UK government has climate change at the forefront of their Industrial Strategy. The Scottish government have a more ambitious target of reaching net zero emissions by 2045.

How to achieve net zero carbon?

Examples of removing greenhouse emissions include planting more trees, capturing carbon produced by industries. Example of reducing emissions include industrial process, transport and new technology.

What does net zero carbon mean for companies?

These targets are having a strong influence on many businesses and sustainability is a high on their agenda. How companies approach climate change is crucial for their reputation amongst customers, suppliers and employees.

How can companies achieve net zero carbon?

There are a number of ways companies can measure their carbon emissions and monitor the effect of the efforts to reduce them. One way is looking at reducing energy consumption to reach that net zero future. To achieve this energy measurement/tracking/monitoring and data is key to see reduction and improvement. Companies can use technology to prove their energy performance ratings and energy efficiency. There are multiple types of energy systems including heating and cooling systems, HVAC, compressed air lines, refrigeration systems and hot water plants.

How can the Flexim ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter technology help?

The controlling, balancing and monitoring of thermal energy flows is of utmost importance in times of rising energy prices, environmental regulations and as mentioned reducing energy consumption to meet Net Zero targets.

FLEXIM’s energy meters combine the attributes of non-intrusive ultrasonic flow measurement with superior temperature monitoring into an integrated energy computer. All flow transducers and temperature sensors are connected to one unit.  This eliminates errors associated with multiple devices and provides a complete ‘turn-key’ solution.

Whether for HVAC, CHP, District Heating and/or chilled or hot water plants the FLEXIM FLUXUS Energy provides the following advantages:

  • High accuracy on low and high flow rates
  • Easy retrofitting on existing pipes, no need for shutdown
  • Certified traceable accuracy of both flow and temperature measurements
  • High turndown
  • No wear mechanism, zero maintenance
  • Data transfer via BACnet

Through our longstanding partnership with FLEXIM, JWF offer the range of FLEXIM FLUXUS Energy flow meters. The measurement data is transferred to the JWF dashboard where all the data can be easily accessed remotely on any smart device.

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