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The new FLEXIM FLUXUS F401 - Heavy duty portable ultrasonic water flow meter

The new FLEXIM FLUXUS F401 heavy duty portable ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal flow meter for long-term measurement surveys for water, waste water and sewage sites. Depending on the programmed measurement interval the FLUXUS F401 can operate autonomously for several months. It is the ideal solution where regular measurements are needed over a longer period of time. The flow meter can be used on very large pipes and challenging materials.


The FLUXUS F401 has been designed to ensure utmost robustness for regular heavy duty use in rough conditions. The metal sheathing of the transducer cable ends protects them against strong bending or cuts and ensures tangle-free operation. The six meter cable length of the IP68 transducers allows for the installation of the transducers even in deep manholes, whereby the transmitter can be placed in the upper part of the manhole. The transmitter is housed in a robust case and has IP67 protection.

We supplied our first FLEXIM FLUXUS F401 heavy duty portable ultrasonic flow meter to a midstream operator looking to invest in a new effluent treatment plant. Our customer needed to measure the effluent at various locations on the plant and for the survey to be carried out during the different seasons (summer/winter etc.). The FLUXUS F401 was the ideal solution for long-term measurement providing 3 months battery life. The data will help the customer model a suitably sized effluent treatment plant.

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