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North Sea Operators leading and embracing change.

JWF are delighted to announce that four major operators in the North Sea have purchased Canalta Double Block & Bleed Orifice meters.  The meters have been purchased for new streams and to replace existing technology (Ultrasonic Meters and Coriolis). The Double Block & Bleed Orifice Meter allows plate change under a “double block and bleed” arrangement within the orifice meter and it is compliant with HSG253 “Category II Proven Isolation”. With the increased safety and ease of plate changing, increased turndowns are now a reality by using a range of plates and stacked transmitters. The biggest benefit to the customer - no recalibration costs to consider, so OPEX costs are minimized.


JWF have been working with Canalta for two years and together we have had our challenges convincing non Measurement professionals the benefits of such a device. This “hybrid” meter has led us to present to various disciplines from Mechanical and Isolation to Valve and Instrument engineers. Our Double Block & Bleed carrier may not fit into a certain "classification or general practice" as it is a traditional Differential Pressure meter with elements of valve design but we are happy to work with operators to shape future revisions that can include innovation. The Double Block & Bleed Orifice carrier is not new technology it is simply making traditional technology smarter and safer.

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